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ADVANCED Sports Outreach

Additional Information

Mission Statement - Here at Advanced Sports Management, Inc. we focus on providing the youth in our community with the best sports programming possible. Regardless of their athletic ability, we look to make sure all athletes have the tools and training to prepare them for future athletic endeavors.

ADVANCED Outreach Project - Our 3 stage outreach project is focused on raising capital to further our mission and goals. Our project plan will be outlined below:

Stage 1: Our goal in stage 1 is to raise $5000.00 to help with start up costs for Advanced Flag League (AFL) starting in the Fall of 2019. We also would like to put on some more clinics and camps to get more kids involved. These events need Equipment, Insurance, Instructors, Facilities and Officials It takes about $5000.00 annually to cover these needs.

Stage 2: These stage of the project will begin once stage 1 is completed and the league is up and running. The goal in stage 2 is to raise $10,000.00 to help develop new sports leagues as well as growing the already established AFL. We are looking at trying to bring Lacrosse to the community as a developmental league with clinics to start and a league to follow, Advanced Lacrosse League (ALL).

Stage 3: This stage is a 5 year plan of developing our own facility to house all our sports programs. Once we complete stages 1 and 2 and have both AFL AND ALL running smoothly, we will look to develop our own home that out athletes can take pride in. We would start with property to put some fields on then begin to build restrooms and locker rooms followed by offices and gyms space as well as indoor training facility. Stage 3 is where our dream comes true and we are able to provide so much good to the community.

Community Events - We will hold free community events that will educate the community about such things as Sports Nutrition, New Safety Equipment awareness, and also offer CPR/First aid classes.

Scholarships - We want every kid to have the chance to play sports and through our scholarship program we will be able to provide equipment for those less fortunate, registration fees to Camps and Leagues and some day the hope is we can send kids to other programs outside our community.

Key Outreach Points

  • 3 Stage ADVANCED Outreach Project
  • Community Events
  • Scholorships

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